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A Statement From The Risk Store


Over the last few years, the revenue and resource impacts of ongoing industry regulatory changes on so many advisory businesses (FoFA, LIF, FASEA), coupled with the current pandemic, have translated, for us, into a slow decline in the numbers of our valued paying members. 

Over this period, we have concurrently seen a significant increase in no-fee members signing up (our Affiliate level), so this confirms to us there is still a need for support for all types of advisers (risk specialists and full advice planners) and we have continued to add relevant content. Unfortunately, no-fee members alone don’t cover our costs nor make it commercially worthwhile any longer to maintain and develop our offerings to advisers. We are unable to keep going without net losses soon facing us.

The Risk Store website will therefore be decommissioned on 23 September 2020. 

Our audit, consulting and training services will continue post the closure of the website. We will set up a mini-site for information and contact details only. We will also make available our Technical & Claims Helpline email service at a reasonable annual fee - some of our members have valued this service more than any of the resource libraries’ content in the Store.

In the meantime, if you are a current member, you still have your current level of access to the Store content (and professional level members to the Technical & Claims Helpline service). We strongly recommend you take this opportunity from today until the Store closes or when your current membership ends, whichever comes first, to access the content and the Helpline service while these are available to you (if you are a member). 


Don't forget we also have The Risk Shop, our online shopping cart, where you can purchase individual practice management tools and templates. The Risk Shop can be accessed directly by clicking here. You don't need to be a member to look and purchase.

Sue Laing and Pete Wincott would like to take this opportunity to personally thank supporters and members, past and present, for your loyalty, whether it be from our launch in August 2006 onwards, or sometime along the way. We have been very proud of what we delivered as an independent provider. Not many small to medium businesses last that long, so we did alright!


All the best & #staysafe


The Risk Store Team

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