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 Tailored Training Specifically For Your Needs

  • Need to run a face-to-face workshop for soft skills or technical skills?
  • Have a PD day or annual conference that you really want to run a breakout workshop including some robust content with no flim-flam?
  • Have a BDM or technical support team that you believe would benefit from some interactive learning and development?
  • Are you a planner, mortgage & finance broker or accountant wanting to establish your new life risk insurance business but needs skilling up on client engagement?
  • Would you like to be shown how to re-position your commission based business to a fee based one?
  • Looking for affordable one-on-one life risk learning and skills development? 

Sue Laing has an excellent reputation as a stimulating and entertaining yet thought provoking and sometimes controversial speaker who has been in demand for many years.

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for running the RAS PD day workshop last week. Despite being in the industry for many years now, I hadn’t seen you present and I really enjoyed the style of your session that delivered so much content. 
Your facilitation was fantastic and I know from feedback from the advisers in the room that they received a lot out of it too. I look forward to being a part of one of your sessions again in the future."

Alex Threlfall | Product Manager Insurance | Associate Director | Macquarie Life



Sue Laing delivering a face-to-face session in New Zealand - 3mins
Use this link http://bit.ly/2lr8wKq if you are having any issues viewing this 3min sample video.


Content required to be delivered by The Risk Store or by Sue Laing as a trainer, is almost always tailored for clients on request. Any size group can be catered for and the format can be either workshop / case study based or plenary – obviously depending on the purpose of the training or presentation. Since early 2010 we have also been offering time-efficient online webinars both 'public' and dealer specific, to great effect.

Timing ranges from one hour for a PD plenary session, to short (2-3 hour) workshops, to one or two day intensive group training courses. The design of each presentation is matched to the client’s needs and the style is always focused on “participation with fun”, assuring the most productive learning outcomes.  All training is accompanied by tools to assist in applying the learning back ‘in the field’, including workbooks for later reference by attendees. Attendee feedback is always collected, collated and reported back to the source client in the case of non-plenary sessions.

Topics are almost always fully customised in consultation with the client; however a sample of popular past sessions would be:

  • Packaging the Portfolio: where each life risk product fits in any financial planning client’s portfolio and how to select the right type of cover and blend them together for the best result, with minimal overlap; the dangers of self-insurance decisions made without the right advice.

  • Needs Calculation: meaningful, supportable, reasonable advice-based needs calculation methods for all product types; how to ‘sell’ the recommendations to the client, and ensure self-insurance decisions are soundly based.

  • The Risk Fact-Finding Process: what’s different about it, what you really need to know about the client’s situation and how to bring interpersonal communication skills into play in an emotionally-based discussion.

  • Legs and Regs: what dictates advisers’ actions and those of the insurer in the risk environment? What does this mean for the client and why is non-cancellable so valuable for the client?

  • Effective Claims Management: when the proof of concept is tested, advisers need to understand insurers' claims processes and how the adviser can add value to the claimant experience.

  • Business Succession Planning with SMEs: where an adviser’s role starts and stops, and just what are the concepts in simple, plain English: designed to facilitate a successful business succession funding sale.

  • Business Expenses Cover: de-mystifying this vital product, and how to recognise the needs and read the profit and loss statement for the answers you and the underwriters need.

  • The Minefield of Field Underwriting: the proposal questions explained and how to get one through first time, most of the time; the concepts of non-disclosure and misstatement and how to help your client avoid them; arming the adviser for loadings, exclusions and other sensitive outcomes.

  • The Perfect Marriage: The case for financial planners to align with a risk specialist (or vice versa), whose skills can only serve to strengthen the overall business – if the alliance is managed well. This session is for the risk specialist and/or the financial planner, and works through all the elements of a good “marriage”, and also helps with the possibility of “divorce” and its ramifications.

A comprehensive, one or two day course can cover key theoretical, legislative and practical issues of risk advising. Various combinations of the listed sessions are often conducted. Generic life risk product training is also available. Most topics can be adapted to a workshop or plenary presentation



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