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On The Risk Store Membership

“As you’ll be aware we have just re-signed for another year’s subscription. Whilst I don’t use the service as often as I could, when I have needed it, it has been invaluable. In particular, the personalised technical assistance is without peer and almost worth the price of the subscription alone. The value we get from the service means that re-subscribing is one of easier spends each year.”
Jamie Forster | Accredited Life Risk Specialist

"It's great to have access to such a wonderful resource that is The Risk Store. A plain and simple approach to this very important component of advice not only reinforces client clarity but also adds to the sales process. The business SoA is a well written and better yet wonderfully structured document - allows the adviser to walk through the sense of the advice very neatly. Thank you for the ongoing support."
Jim Mills | Adviser, Merit Financial Planning

"This personal risk SoA is by far the best example of how a SoA should read to make it easy to read and understand by the client. My clients are far more likely to read and value this document than any other I have seen in the market today."
Harvey James | Adviser, ANU Wealth

"Very useful document and easy to adapt for use in New Zealand and has saved us a huge amount of time and effort.
It has also been very helpful in cementing our client relationship in so much as they very easily understand where we are coming from and the benefits to them in protecting their family, their business and their wealth."

David Cooney - Adviser, Cooney Insurance NZ

"Having stepped into a practice which had not previously engaged in Risk advice, I was required to build systems and communications processes from the ground up. At the same time, there was a back log of clients waiting for Risk advice, and business principals eager to get me in front of their key referral sources.

Accessing the resources of The Risk Store meant that I hit the ground running, since much of what I needed in terms of communication pieces were readily available, and required a minimum of personalising to be implemented. I recommend The Risk Store to anyone needing to build their practice, or revitalise their communications to clients - the materials are relevant and useable, and the website is very accessible."
James Graham | Risk Management Specialist, Aspire SRS 

This week I met up with some clients who are general insurance brokers. As an aid for them to assist in referring business I give them some laminated flyers on Key Person etc. And this year I gave them a copy of the claims stats. Their comment – “this is good stuff”
Rob Jason  |  Aon Hewitt

On Our Technical & Claims Helpline Service

“I have been an avid enthusiast of the resources and passion The Risk Store has continued to inject into our industry for many years. Recently, their assistance on a technical claims issue enabled me to not only assist a client expedite a claim, but simultaneously lock in a joint venture for life, given the client was a referral source and the claim was family related. That’s the definition of adding value!”
Chris Zegers  |  Keystone Wealth

On C-MAP, Our Insurer Claims Management Measurement Service

"The C-MAP methodology is unique as does not mirror any other measure offered to insurers. Within anything you are attempting to deliver from product to service its important to understand the customer perspective when setting your proposition."
Paula Bourke |  Head of Retail Claims, BT Life 

On Our Claims Process Improvement Consulting Service

"Sue contributed her wealth of experience and knowledge to our claims project. She was always helpful, forthright and proactive with sharing information she already had from previous work with REST. She always had our members at the forefront of her mind (member first) which fitted in well with our whole ethos we are developing at REST."
Mathew Simons |  Insurance Vendor Manager, REST Industry Super

"Sue came to us by referral from another client and has been working with us a few days a week over three years. Sue's breadth of insurance knowledge and capacity for analysis and fresh thinking has been invaluable to First State and over that time she has assisted us with change programmes in Claims and with many process improvements.

The most notable has been the development of a claims tracking system within our SharePoint platform, for which Sue worked closely with the claims team and IT. The result is a simple but robust 'view' of all claims, centralised, universally accessible and providing a one-stop basis for our management reporting. Sue's claims expertise has also been a welcome 'back-up' resource for us, especially with death claim disputes. We enjoy Sue's dedication, lateral thinking and cooperative spirit."

Sarina Aarons  |  Head of Insurance, First State Super

On Our PD Day Facilitation Service

"We have used Sue Laing as the facilitator for our licensee PD Days for the last six years. Sue has great organisational nous, helping with content and design of the days, presenting as appropriate, and ensuring the day flows, is on topic and on time. Her understanding of the life risk industry perspective is extensive, and her passion is contagious."
Damien Jones | General Manager – Services | Australian Financial Risk Management Pty Ltd

On Our Workshop Facilitation Service

"We used Sue Laing recently to facilitate a workshop with our National Distribution Team.
Sue had obviously done some pre work and clearly understood what we were trying to achieve. She has a deep understanding of the retail risk insurance market and effortlessly guided the day to end where we wanted it to – with some tangible usable output. We were delighted with the result."
Brian Pillemer | Director of Distribution | PPS Mutual  

"Sue's reputation for an unwavering passion for great customer outcomes meant The Risk Store was the obvious choice when Swiss Re was looking for a collaboration partner for a brand new customer charter.

Sue's thorough preparation and effective facilitation capability challenged a diverse team to design and implement a customer charter in a short amount of time. Her facilitation resulted in a crisp set of customer-centric principles that will orient all aspects of Swiss Re's direct life insurance business toward experiences that delight and reward our loyal policyholders. The investment in this exercise is well recovered with an outcome that will positively impact our business for many years to come."
Bronwyn Kirwan | Head L&H Solutions Group |Director | Asia | Swiss Re Life and Health Australia Limited 

On Our Sales and Technical Training Workshops

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for running the RAS PD day workshop last week. Despite being in the industry for many years now, I hadn’t seen you present and I really enjoyed the style of your session that delivered so much content. 

Your facilitation was fantastic and I know from feedback from the advisers in the room that they received a lot out of it too. I look forward to being a part of one of your sessions again in the future."
Alex Threlfall | Product Manager Insurance | Associate Director | Macquarie Life

"Invaluable to inexperienced advisers wishing to enter the business succession planning market. Invaluable for the experienced adviser to remind us of the importance of these covers, and disturbing those who do not have it."

"The SME Business Succession workshop is a great way of learning, sharing ideas and experiences with other advisers. It is a market with great potential for those advisers who want to specialise."

"I have had my eyes opened; I have spent too much time dealing in the technical and not in the benefits of business succession planning."
Feedback Post Workshops To Our Business Succession Training Workshops | Various Attendees

On Our Life Risk Advice and Claim File Review Service

"Sue has worked with our business over many years providing great insight and contribution to our advice process.  More recently Sue has worked closer with us to review processes, monitor and providing coaching support to our team in an environment where the compliance demands are the most rigorous they have ever been.

Whilst having a strong compliance focus, Sue’s passion for both the risk advice industry and the value the industry creates for people, means that her value extends far beyond a mere audit function, into providing tangible coaching support to staff for better client outcomes." 

Damien Jones | General Manager – Services | Australian Financial Risk Management Pty Ltd

We’ve worked with Sue Laing for over 15 years on AFS licensing and risk advice review projects. Her expertise and passion for life risk advice is quite simply the best in Australia.

In our most notable project together, she has transformed our mutual client’s life risk advice process from end to end, including information collection, analysis and advice preparation, as well as training and monitoring.

I recommend her services unreservedly to any advice practice aiming to achieve best practice.
Claire Wivell Plater & Simon Carrodus | The Fold Legal

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