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Corporate / Group membership is only available on request. Please use 'Contact Us' link or our 'chat bot' at the foot of this page if you would like to discuss this plan option with us.

Is is not suitable for individuals (unless you like giving us more money than you need to!). Please click on the risk store logo above and choose your individual plan from there.

Is it ideally suited for large organisations e.g. Insurers, licensees / dealer groups, mortgage broking groups, etc. rather than smaller operations. 

If you have 12 or more people wanting access to the store's content, the cost of membership per 'seat' becomes cheaper, less time-consuming and therefore better value with a corporate / group membership than purchasing multiple individual memberships.

We don't allow a single individual membership for large organisations because that is neither fair on us or individual members who are essentially subsidising the larger businesses with more people benefitting from a single individual priced membership purchased.

Corporate / group membership provides the same FULL ACCESS and privileges as our individual PROFESSIONAL plan membership.  

Corporate members now receive our Risk Store Curated content service (you can still access content ad-hoc)

Corporate members receive 10% off selected Risk Shop products (see Buy in the navigation menu above)

There is a flat fee of $400* /month paid annually on invoice (credit card or direct credit accepted). The more employees that use it, the better value it becomes for you. * All membership plans are billed annually 


Corporate / Group membership works two ways for you:

  • Option 1) This is our most popular and preferred option - Provides exclusive access for up to 3 nominated employees to each have access to ALL the store content and services (like the technical helpline). They have permission to disseminate ('push') content outward. Additionally, we now provide a Curation service to assist you get the best out of your corporate membership. See more info on Risk Store Curation below. No individual payment exchanges hands.

  • OR alternatively

  • Option 2) You provide us with an MS Excel spreadsheet of all the people (inc their email and phone numbers) you wish to have access. We handle the rest. Each are allowed to create their own logins. We manually activate their access. No individual payment exchanges hands.

  • Every employee or person associated with your corporate plan has exclusive access to our email technical & claims helpline service. The worlds' only service of it's kind. Additionally, we now provide a Curation service to assist you get the best out of your corporate membership. See more info on Risk Store Curation below.

Curated Content

What is the Risk Store Curation Service?

As a valued member of our Risk Store Corporate / Group Plan, you get the time-saving benefit of an initiative from us - called Risk Store Curation.
In summary:

  • This service is free and exclusive to Corporate / Group Plan members.

  • It is designed to relieve corporate members of the time-consuming task of selecting suitable content to use in your business. We do the hard lifting for you.

  • Each month, we will choose and email you a practical item from the store. It could be a technical article with learning aims and outcomes. It could be a checklist. It may be a marketing tool to facilitate engagement with existing clients or potential clients or referral partners.

  • Some items we supply will include a ‘How to use and implement’ guide to facilitate the generation of life risk revenue from better advice outcomes.  

  • No additional effort required on your part (except distributing on to your colleagues although we can do this on your behalf).

  • You can still freely browse, search and login to the store for specific content any time.

  • You are welcome to be prescriptive and suggest to us the topics/tools you’d like us to find for you. We’ll do our best to accommodate you and might even create new ones!


Get started today and contact us using the 'Contact Us' link or 'chat bot' below. Also take a mo to read our FAQ's on corporate / group membership - link also below.


Please note the fees quoted are not inclusive of GST. A GST amount of 10% will be added at time of payment processing. Once payment is processed, no refunds are available.

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