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the go-to place for practical, quality, technical life insurance support and expertise for financial advisers including claims process management for insurers and industry super funds

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Text Library - Standard Documents  

Communicating the value of having a financial adviser

In the wake of the recent media attention on the life insurance industry and in particular claims, we have been getting requests from our members (and some non-members) for a letter they can send to clients reinforcing the value of having a financial adviser especially at claim time but also throughout the year. So here it is, ready to download, edit to suit your style and send out. This is written in plain English, will reassure your clients of your value and will save you hours authoring something similar from scratch.

SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME writing this client letter and download this ready to use template from Toolkit > Text Library > Standard Document Library

New Risk Store Update


We know. The Risk Store site is long overdue for a revamp. It was never ever originally designed to deliver what it does these days. Work is well under way now to bring members and new visitors a better experience with faster and easier search / taxonomy for locating the 690+ items quickly. Plus we will be adding more useful content and launching new services during the year.

So please hang tight. We'll keep you posted in future Risk Reads as we progress towards a launch date. UPDATE: we are still plugging away. It takes time and a lot of effort would you believe to re-upload close to 700 documents so they can be found easily. It will be worth it. Thanks for being patient. - Pete Wincott
Marketing letter template

Text Library - Marketing

Sometimes it is difficult to truly get to the grass roots of what the client has just achieved, when the new business process has been so clouded in forms and process and jargon and multiple communications after the ‘sale’. This letter is a device to cut away all the distractions and remind the client clearly of what they have done and why and how important it is to remember that. It is also useful to re-send every few years as the premiums are rising, for example, or if the client appears to be wavering about renewal.

SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME creating this type of correspondence and download this ready-made ready to use template from Toolkit > Text Library > Standard Document Library

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Checklists Library


Many advisers feel somewhat confused about and confronted by how to handle a client’s death. Other advisers have had much experience in this and have developed their own guidelines to manage what needs to be done. This checklist, consisting of twelve practical 'do's and don't's', will assist you in responding 'professionally' and promptly when this event arrises.

Also, we suggest you read the Technical Article ‘Dealing with a death in the family’ and the ‘In Practice’ help sheet which accompanies this - the checklist will then be more meaningful.

SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME creating this business tool and download this ready-made ready to use template from Toolkit > Checklists

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Risk Store Comment
Comment on current insurance industry press and scrutiny
We at The Risk Store are devastated by the events unfolding at present and particularly by ASIC’s proposed review of claims practices. This should never have been necessary and we believe that some companies would come out of that with good results; those will however be tarred with the same brush, as will advisers also suffer out of this including their clients.

C-MAP analysing claims management

The Risk Store developed a ‘claimant experience’ measure back in 2006, called C-MAP. It's unique. Perhaps, sadly, ahead of its time. Some insurers adopted this and benefitted from it (as did their claimants). Others continue to choose not to. We believe in its relevance, its complete independence and its robustness and hope that you advisers encourage your insurers to step up to the plate and not wait for ASIC or a royal commission to step in. Want to know more about C-MAP? Click the logo above or go to our website
Sue Laing and Pete Wincott can be contacted on:
02 4998 6977 or

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Ideal for dealer groups with 15 advisers or more

  • We now offer a corporate membership plan as well as individual memberships.
  • It is a flat fee regardless of the size of your adviser network.
  • So the more advisers you have, the better value your corporate membership will be.
  • Includes access to our technical helpline and helpline archive.
  • Includes member discounts off our risk personal & business SoA templates
  • No joining fee

Call or email Pete Wincott at The Risk Store for more details on
02 4998 6977

Risk Read Archive Library

NOW WITH OVER 175 (and constantly being added to with new editions) ARCHIVED CASE STUDIES, stories, tales and general commentary from the last 10 years of the risk store

These archives can be accessed from the risk store website > risk read section > risk read archive library

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